Buying Guide

Just like everywhere else in the world, there is no substitute for research when buying a property in Croatia. Websites, such as this, can be an excellent starting point although sometimes what you will find on the internet can be a little unreliable or out of date. However, there really is no way of avoiding a considerable amount of legwork before making such a major purchase as buying a property abroad.

Prospective buyers would be well advised to visit Croatia and get a feel for the different areas before deciding on an individual property.

Even though it is true that some properties can take years to sell, it is also true that buyers can, and do, lose out on a property to another buyer who is better positioned to transact quickly. In this case, commitment means signing a pre-contract and paying a deposit. The best advice for a buyer is to do the research in advance to act decisively when the right property appears.

Understand the System

Unsurprisingly the system of buying and selling property in Croatia is very different from the system of buying property in England or Scotland. In many ways, buying a property can actually be less complicated in Croatia than in the UK; for example, “property chains” are almost unheard of. However, it does have its own pitfalls and appointing a good lawyer is very important.

The steps to buying a property in Croatia can be summarised as a follows

Steps to buying a property

The steps to buying a property in Croatia can be summarised as a follows:

  1. Making Preparations.
  2. Find the Right Property for You.
  3. Check the Property Documents.
  4. Sign a pre-contract and pay a deposit.




  1. Buy the Property.
  2. Final Administration.